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11 mins 26 sec
Single channel video projection

Wu Dar-Kuen

Wu Dar-Kuen (born 1974 in Taipei) is currently working and residing in Taipei. Wu obtained a bachelor's degree in fine art from the National Institute of the Arts, Taipei, Taiwan, in 2000 and a master of fine art's degree from the Taipei National University of Arts in 2002. Wu has held many solo exhibitions, such as: “Streamer” at the Bamboo Curtain Studio, Danshuei, Taiwan (2003); “Submerging Blue Pupils” at the Taipei Artist Village, Taipei (2003); “Open It” at the NIFCA, Helsinki, Finland (2002); and “Media Eugenics” at the Front Art Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan (2000).

This piece is not about murmuring for something or some personal dialectical questions for existence. The image of Maneki (money calling) Cat's hand is calling and leading the viewers to their inner state of mind. There is no other meaning for the hand's action aside from providing for the viewers a channel to the inner world. The image here is able to break the transmission of meaning, and open to a new non-linear flow of consciousness. In this flow, the artist no longer controls the content and meaning of work; the right of creating is passed on to the viewers. Through being involved with the action of watching, the viewers would feel touched and this might be close to some kind of spiritual experience.

For me, images should not relate to or point to anything else; nor system, nor thoughts—the image is image itself. (Artist's Statement)

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