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  CP BIENNALE 2005 : Urban/Culture

The theme for the CP Biennale 2005 is "Urban/Culture". This time the participants will be invited and they are not limited to visual artists but also includes architects. Under this theme, the artworks to be presented in the CP Biennale 2005 will specifically set forth the problems faced by the people living in Indonesia's large cities in relation to the existing social, economic and political conditions. Individually or collectively, the works to be displayed are expected to have an impact on the discourse on the development of the peoples of the Third World, in particular in Indonesia, as well as on the matter of development planning toward advancement that we have become familiar with over time.

Pic : UrbanCulture

The thinking behind the CP Biennale 2005 is oriented toward presenting a reflection of contemporary urban culture, particularly in Indonesia, within the framework of reopening the discourse on development that has come to be dominated by socio-economic analyzes, monetary policies, and political developments.

This reflection on urban culture is linked to efforts to identify the process of modernization that has been ignored in relation to the Third World, in particular Indonesia. In Indonesia, the process of identification taking place in the form of discussions toward seeking an ideal model for modernization, as well as the debates and polemic on the East-West dichotomy, came to an end in the 1950s when the country's rich intellectual tradition that had frequently given birth to critical thinking was "assassinated" by political forces. This lack of identification of appropriate models has caused the modernization occurring in the Third World, including Indonesia, to emerge as given modern conditions, which exist outside of our full awareness. This type of situation has an impact not only on various aspects of human existence, but also on the various visions and ways of thinking about development and human advancement. It cannot be denied that the existing conditions that indicate a lack of a basic awareness of the modern world have an influence on development concepts and planning.

In order to introduce reflections on the urban culture, the works presented by artists in the CP Biennale 2005 are expected to represent the various urban realities and problems in the large cities often described as metropolises.

The CP Biennale 2005 will also feature an international symposium discussing urban issues in Indonesia within the effort toward seeking a new understanding of the discourse of development in Indonesia. As already agreed upon the symposium will be held in cooperation with Bank Indonesia (the Central Bank of Indonesia), one of the main centers for the monitoring and control of the economy. The thinking behind this cooperation is to involve influential economic center in the promotion of the new thinking emerging through the CP Biennale 2005 and to enhance its impact.

This symposium will be handled by experts on urban issues, sociologists, and professors of philosophy from a number of universities. The speakers will be cultural experts and observers of local urban phenomena from Indonesia, as well as Indonesianologists and observers of urban developments in the Third World from other countries.