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Urban Cartography Vol.01:
Bandung Creative Community 1995 2005
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Urban Cartography Vol.1:
Bandung Creative Community
1995 - 2005

Urban Cartography Vol. 01: Bandung Creative Community 1995 – 2005 was curated by Gustaff H Iskandar (born 1974 in Sukabumi), Achmad Marin (born 1975 in Bogor), and Helvi Syarifuddin (born 1971 in Sukabumi), along with Megadeth (born 1970 in Purwokerto) as project officer.

Participanst/communities involved in the project are: Reverse, Monik, Airplane, Nolabel, Fastforward Records, Ujung Berung Rebel/ Homeless Crew, Harder Riotic, Berandalan Bandung, Common Room, Cerahati, and Videobabes. DJ Marin and Jaeger Boy Transistor will also perform, along with David Tarigan and Sat N.B., supported by DIY Media Workshop and Origami Workshop.

This project is an effort to build a small map that can be used to trace the existence of various creative communities growing in Bandung. At least since 1994 – 1995 periods, the emergence of this youth communities that produce their daily needs independently can be said to mark a new phase of the urban culture development in Bandung. This is at least also influenced by the development of DIY (do it yourself) concepts that at the time was the rage among the punk and skateboard communities, such as some of the communities like TL (Taman Lalu Lintas), Reverse (Sukasenang), PI (Belakang BIP), Harder (Cihampelas), and Riotic (Simpang Dago). In its continuity, this development was also supported by the economic crises of 1996, which triggered a couple of community to produce their own need because of the sudden jump on prices of the imported goods that they used to consume. Beside music products and fashion, some of the communities that exist also produce and spread information in a large quantity using various media, from websites, zines, posters, video-clips, stickers, and magazines; which almost all are made by using skills in technologies instrument—from the simple to the latest—such as screen printers, printers, photocopiers, radio networks, internet network, sms, self-built computers, and pirated softwares. (Artist's Statement)

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