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Puzzle Perspektiv-metromania
325 x 780 cm (canvas 40 segments)
Mix media

Rumah Proses

Rumah Proses was established by several artists in 2002 in Bandung. The group’s activists and participants involved in CP Biennale 2005 project, are: Agus Nugraha, Agus Zimo, Dadang M.A., Dadan Yunandar, Dodo Abdullah, Dodi Rosadi, Eddy Hermanto, Eris Rahmat Taufik, Feriawan, Harry Sulastianto, Iip Ipan, Iwan Maulana, Komarudin, Margo S.N., M. Mucthar, Nico Subagja, Ori Riantori, Rudayat, Tina Nuraziza, Uun Rohayati, Rudi St. Darma, Ardiyanto, Nurhidayat, and Dida Ibrahim. A number of activities conducted, are: "I am Making Art Project" (2004);, "Membaca Kebaya," Victoria Cattoni's traveling show (2003); and "Onomatopoeic," Handy Hermansyah solo exhibition (2002).

An urban habitus and situs do not bring about a mere problem of functional-artistic-spatial arrangement. It also carries a personal and communal history of its citizen, with a number of similarities, and forming borders, factual and imaginary, about class demarcation, ethnic, economy, artistic, political, social, and cultural. This process forms a certain tradition because of the accumulation of many things. Not unlike a traditional market, the social-cultural mechanism and dynamics are always being traded here. Negotiations on a wide array of interests and community solidarity are being carried frequently. A diverse background of urbanites was related through the institutioning of many existing resources, certainly with regard to the array backgrounds of its people as the motor and maker of city dynamics.

This process becomes a necessity for us. The painting that we present in this biennale is an effort from Rumah Proses in enabling the urbanites—in this case art practitioners from different backgrounds, age, center of interest, perception strength, and critical ability.

This art project is done in many interactive process, in the form of technical discussions about the presentation and aesthetics explorations of every artist. Thus, diverse perspectives can be gathered through many negotiations and dialectic process during the making of the work. Twenty participants do two differently-sized canvases each. Then, each work was put in random without labeling them with a personal identity. This is a representation of the plural existence of the city; the many layered, spatially randomized exhibitions that fight for our attention.

Negation, confrontation, competition, resistance conspiracy, demonstration, collusion, tradition, inspiration, creation, participation, alienation, negotiation, discussion, democracy… Many things move-change through a constant tension. (Artist's Statement)

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