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Rumah Bordil (The Brothel)
2003 - 2005
Height each 150 cm
Wood, Cloth, etc.

Abdi Setiawan

Abdi Setiawan (born 1971 in Sicincin, West Sumatra) graduated from the Indonesian Art Institute (ISI) in 2003 and in the same year held his first solo exhibition, “Night Passion,” at the French Cultural Center (LIP). He took part in various exhibitions in Yogyakarta—some of these are “Visual World” in 2002; “What's in Your Pockets?” in 2003; and “Barcode” in the 16th Yogyakarta Art Festival, 2004. 2004 was also the year when Setiawan participated in the public art activities under the title of “Di Sini Akan Dibangun Mall” (Here a Mall is to be Built). In the following year, Setiawan played a part in several group exhibitions in Yogyakarta, such as “Art for Aceh” at Taman Budaya; “Spirit of Play/SoP” at Bentara Budaya; “Omong Kosong # 1” (“Nonsense # 1”) at Cemeti Gallery; and “Makan Seni Rupa/Eat Art” at Sewon. In 2001, his was among the works selected by the judges of the Philip Morris Indonesia Art Award and exhibited at the National Gallery of Indonesia.

The idea for the work came up as I realized how the tendency for the sculptural art nowadays is still conventional and not going anywhere—this is true in terms of the materials to use (invariably considering the durability), the size, the technique, and how the work must be set up and composed, whether it needs a footstage or not (academic tendency).

Once I watched a circus performance from the video. I saw how the circus was not merely about acrobats; there were other aspects as well, such as theatrical, musical, and artistic aspects. Thence I thought about how I should work. I also wanted to create communicative works. Were I to work strictly by-the-book, my creativity would be hampered. I therefore must set the rules aside. That is why my work is completed also by a myriad of elements, such as chairs, tables, drawers, sounds, and smells. (Artist's Statement)

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