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Tempat Bermainku yang Baru
(My New Playing Ground)
490 x 290 cm
Oil on canvas

Yuswantoro Adi

Yuswantoro Adi was born on November 11, 1966, in Semarang. In 1998, he held a solo painting exhibition titled "Money and Our Little Child" at the Bentara Budaya Yogyakarta. His 2002 solo exhibition, held at the Lontar Gallery, Jakarta, and at the Bentara Budaya Yogyakarta, was titled "Yuswantoro Adi's Art Project: Learn and Play." Some of the group exhibitions that he has taken part in are: "Intermezzo" at the Langgeng Gallery, Magelang (2005); "Air Kata-kata" ("Flowing Water of Words") at the Bentara Budaya Yogyakarta (2004); the CP Open Biennale 2003; "Exploring Realism" at the Canna Gallery, Jakarta (2002); and "Not Just Political" at the H. Widayat Museum, Mungkid, Magelang (2001).

Usually, we understand the word "building" as building something physical. A few people have come to see the word as something non-physical. Is there any of us who dares to define "building" as an activity to wake people up?

A false paradigm about building has resulted in the increasingly rugged face of our country. If only the government or anyone who holds the authority to decide for the masses plays the role of a good "morning caller", this country shall wake! Remember, that a part of our national anthem says: "wake his soul/build his body/for the sake of Great Indonesia …"

This republic (including the public space inside it) has got to learn to trust its citizen. Let them have the power. The Res and Publica!!! But, what if things worsen? What if the people proved to be not ready, yet? What will we do then when they go out of control? Thus the various questions of government/ruler/authority.

My painting this time is a depiction of my trust in the children to engage, to journey, to make choices, even to explore. We've got to admit that to let go of our children has its certain risks. But this is their best opportunity to learn. Look how they enjoy their game. Hear their pride of what they discover: Tempat Bermainku yang Baru (My New Playground). (Artist’s Statement)

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