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Light and Easy
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Yang Zhenzhong

Yang Zhenzhong (born 1968) graduated from the Fashion Design Department of the Zhejiang Institute of Silk Textile in 1990, and went on to study oil painting at the Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts. Yang Zhenzhong has held numerous solo exhibitions such as: "Light As Fack" in Shanghai (2002); "I Will Die" in Brussels, Belgium (2001); and "Jang Nan/Yang Zhenzhong” at the Access Gallery, Vancouver, Canada (1998).

In most Chinese cities, a lot of buildings have been demolished as new ones are built. It is possible to be lost in a familiar street; it doesn't matter that you have only left the area for several weeks. So many things in your mind disappear so soon. The image of the city in our memory becomes lighter and lighter. It is so exciting and depressing that we live in the city under the fast speed of development. (Artist's Statement)

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