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4 minutes

Xu Zhen

Xu Zhen (born 1977 in Shanghai) has so far been involved in numerous exhibitions, such as: “Between Past and Future: New Photography and Video from China,” ICP and the Asia Society, NY, USA (2004); “Light as Fuck! Shanghai Assemblage 2000-2004,” the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Oslo (2004); “Paradis Fabriques,” Centre d'art contemporain, Le Parvis, France (2003); “Too Much Flavor,” 3H Art Center, Shanghai (2002); and the Venice Biennale, 49 International Art Exhibition (2001).

Shouting, created in 1998, consists of three sections combined to express Shanghai's urban population at the time this seaport city was rapidly transformed into a global city with transnational corporations. The change from a seaport city to the global city reflects upon the increase in the urban population. Each section of the work shows the population flux at a different, specific location with heavy traffic flow. The artist set up his camcorder at each of the three locations and videotaped both the flux and the confused expressions of the commuters responding to a loud scream intentionally made by the artist and his friends. (Shin-Yi Yang)

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