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Siklus Abu (Cycle of Ash)
Dimensions vary
Installation: charcoal, dust, ash,
burnt wood, bottles

Tisna Sanjaya

Tisna Sanjaya was born in 1958 in Bandung. He studied fine art in the Bandung Institute of Technology (1979 – 1986); at the Freie Kunts Hochshuele für Bildende Kunste Braunschweig, Germany (1991 – 1994); and then took the Meister Schueler program under Prof. Karl Crist. Schulz on a DAAD scholarship (1997 – 998). His solo exhibitions are, among others: “Folklore” at the Adira Gallery, Bandung (2004); “Special Prayer for The Dead” at the Lontar Gallery, Jakarta (2003); “Berpikir dengan Dengkul” (Thinking with your Knees) at the YPK Gallery and Alliance France, Bandung (1999); and “Etching and Lithography” at the Lontar Gallery (1998). For this CP Biennale 2005, Tisna Sanjaya has been supported by Devy Ferdianto and Setiaji Purnasatmoko.

The material I use to make the artwork consists of charcoal.
Charcoal from the burnt traditional market,/from the ex-houses, former sites of evicted people, burnt-down,/charcoal from the burnt-down cultural building,/charcoal from the burnt-down forest,/remains of the burnt-down religious places,/charcoals from the burnt-down artwork,/charcoal of human beings burnt to dust.

Charcoal and dust
Becoming writing and drawing means,/Becoming tint/Becoming chalk/Becoming sugar aquatint/Becoming pencils/Becoming lipsticks/Becoming cutex/Becoming painting/Becoming sculpture/Becoming posters/Becoming installation/Becoming distro/Becoming body scrub/Becoming prayer mat/Becoming medicine for diarrhea/Becoming paint/Becoming pants/Becoming printing tint/Becoming fertilizer/Becoming poison/Becoming medicine for forgetfulness/Becoming bomb/Becoming medicines for strength and weakness/Becoming face powder/Becoming guns/Becoming fire/Becoming tables/Becoming money/Becoming cyber network
Becoming energy of sorts: fight all violence, oppression,
Say it even when it hurts, and pray

The form of my artwork
Can be like paintings/Drawing or graphic arts, performance, jeprut, installation, video documentations/As media, as a place for interaction, dialogues, art transaction

The creative process of the artwork
From research, theories, and the realities of ideology-politics-social-culture-defense-safety/Interviews with victims/Gathering, processing, experimenting, exploring the materials/Contemplation/Entering the world of law and social realities/Reading art discourses/Negotiations with curators/Negotiations with lawyers/Internalize curating concept/Entering the world of images/While perepet jengkol jajahean kadempet kont…jejeretean/Gardening/ Read about entarte kunst, arte povera, new order's art, mooi indie, /neue sachlichkeit, ronggeng gunung, seni rupa baru, funklung…/Prepare teaching stuff/Join the fitness club and spiritual class so that the heart becomes clean/Learn Chinese painting, watch samurai movies, learn ronaldinho samba/Demonstration about the polluted environment, bandung berhiber bermartabat/Visit in-laws, chat intensely about father in law's collection of old bikes/Work deeper together in the public boat process/Prepare the making of anti-violence books, movies, and advocation stuff/Help those who are getting married/Toroktok ole-olean nu montok beuki e.../Babakan siliwangi was burnt down, seized by the municipal government and businessmen, viva condominium/viva persib and viking/viva punclut, viva the woods of north, south, west, and east bandung, the woods of kalimantan, asia-africa, amazon.../bravo pasupati and cipularang toll roads, watch the myriad traffic jams and pollution and corruption of the nation, long live our bridges, long live the leaders.
Enjoy, and breathe in the perfume of our smelly town!
...robana ya robana, dolamna anfusana failam taghfirlana...
this is exactly the art transaction,
offered to the various biennale, triennale, and other culture and art rituals...
hopefully some energy and prayer remain...
for those who experience eternal catastrophe...
(Artist’s Statement)

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