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A space of 540 x 540 cm; 24 panels @ 120 x 60 cm; 44 panels @ 60 x 70 cm
Mix media


pisangseger is a community managed by graphic art students from the Indonesian Institute of the Arts (ISI), Yogyakarta. Formally established in October 2003 in Yogyakarta, the community now houses the following members: Toto Nugroho, Danang Catur P, Fransico Panca, Daniel Cahya Krisna, Sandy Yudha, Didit Pratomo, Wisnu Auri, Marfianto Sobirin, Teguh Haryanto, and Slamet Haryadi. pisangseger has mainly been active in holding workshops and exhibitions, and publishing alternative media using graphic art. Several activities they have held are: print workshop at the OCC (Open Circuit Community) Gallery in Yogyakarta (2005); woodcut workshop at the Muhammadiyah 1 High School in Muntilan, Magelang (2004); the launching of pisangseger printmakingzine#2 (2004); woodcut workshop in Kalasan, Prambanan (2003); and graphic art exhibition “Unjuk Gusi” at the Sanggar Suwung Gallery, Yogyakarta (2002).

The social imbalance between the Migrants and the Local People can be seen in almost all big cities. The population growth in the city makes the local people feel increasingly marginalized. They are forced to move to the fringe as many migrants opt to live at the heart of the city. The activities creating boundaries between the locals and the migrants in turn bring about signs system. Such signs system apparently emerges to prove the locals' existence.

The usage of such signs system shows that there is a pattern of power between the ruler and the ruled ones. But who rules, and who are the ruled? How do the rules come to being?

Ngebut Benjut; Ngebut Modar; Alon-alon, su!; Anda Sopan Kami Segan; Hati-hati Banyak Anak-anak; Matikan Mesin dan Turun! or “Drive Safe or Die”, “Slow down, Bastard!”, “You Polite, We Respect”, “Careful, Many Children”, “Shut the Machine Down and Walk!”—the usage of words ranging from the rude to the neutral can be seen in almost all kampongs. The feeling of being terrorized certainly appear when we cross a road with many such “attributes.” (Artist's Statement)

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