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Dimensions vary
Installation (cardboards, neon light)

Iswanto Hartono and Amrizal Sulai

Iswanto Hartono (born 1972 in Purworejo) obtained his bachelor degree in architecture from Tarumanagara University, Jakarta in 1996. He has held several solo exhibitions, including: “-45° C,” with Mint, at O House, Jakarta (2005); “Game is Not [Yet] Over,” with AK-47 at the Lawang Gallery, Jakarta (2005); “Oil Incorporated”: works in engine oil at the Red Mill Gallery, Vermont, USA (2004); “Nest and Solitude,” at the Lembaga Indonesia Prancis, Yogyakarta (2002).

Amrizal Sulai (born 1969, in East Aceh) has been involved with several multimedia performances (with the GEBERMODUSOPERANDI), such as: “HOLE” in Yogyakarta, Surakarta, and Bandung (2001), “Negeri Balon” (Balloon Country) at Plastic Kinetic Worm, Singapore (2001); “Mystical Machine Made In Indonesia” at the French Cultural Center in Bandung and the Teater Utan Kayu in Jakarta (2000).

We are interested in the issues of global cultural politics within the context of consumerism in the contemporary urban life—such as global mass productions, global branding, and trans-national trading—which has become a state of being. Recent urban developments in almost Indonesian cities belong to those of shopping malls, piazza, trade centers, and hypermarket, instead of simple market places that support the networking of informal sectors. The reality is, approximately 60% of the economic developments of the Indonesian society are still based on the informal sectors. Global brands and their packaging have become new social status symbols and paradigm, inseparable with the society's contemporary urban lifestyle.

Yes, we certainly enjoy being part of it and play with it, yet definitely there's another side: to conform; not only to consume.

As for the neon light… We just thought that neon light is mellow, a mood of love... more of a contemporary state of being tranquil in the contemporary urban life. Cityscape, billboards, clubs and bars, discotheques, shop/windows… They all give out fake tranquility and ambience, don't they? No, we are not thinking of natural light, but rather of constant industrial light and ready-mades. A state of being that exist in our surroundings as we are being urbanites... And it has made us “contented.” (Artist's Statement)

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