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3 pieces: 225 x 150 cm
Oil on canvas

Dede Eri Supria

Dede Eri Supria (born in 1956 in Jakarta) studied at the SSRI Yogyakarta in 1975 - 1977. He has participated in numerous exhibitions, such as: CP Open Biennale 2003; “Concerning Change” (solo) at the Art Folio, Singapore (2002); and “Reading Frida Kahlo” at the Nadi Gallery, Jakarta (2001).

We witness everyday the struggle of the urbanites to survive in Jakarta. These people arrive from villages faraway, live in the slum at the heart of the city, amid grand buildings. Or perhaps they come from the fringes of Jakarta, go early in the morning to work, and come back late at night. Just like boxers, these urbanites have to fight and win the game in order to live. They will be crushed if they are unable to survive. They don't do what they dream of. They must struggle with dirty and harsh jobs, with garbage, used cardboards, used things, pollution.

This fact becomes the trigger and challenge for me. There are many aspects of the city life in Jakarta that are so interesting to be portrayed; but it is the struggle of the urbanites that invariably brings me to paint. Painting these urban people, the beggars, the sweepers, the roadside vendors, the rag pickers, the garbage, and the used cardboards is probably unappealing. The challenge is to make them appealing and “betraying messages.” (Artist's Statement)

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