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Jumbo Origami Arch
5 pieces, @ 360 x 420 x 180 cm

Atelier Bow-wow and
Tokyo Institute of Technology

Yoshiharu Tsukamoto and Momoyo Kaijima established Atelier Bow-Wow in Tokyo, 1992. Yoshiharu Tsukamoto, a 1987 graduate from the Tokyo Institute of Technology, was born in Kanagawa, Japan, in 1965. In 1987 - 1988, he was a guest student at L'ecole d'architecture, Paris, Bellville (U.P.8). In 1994, he finished his study at the post-graduate school at the Tokyo Institute of Technology. Dr. Tsukamoto currently works as the associate professor in his alma mater, the Tokyo Institute of Technology.

Momoyo Kajima was born in Tokyo in 1969. She is a graduate from the Japan Women's University in 1991. She then continued her study at the graduate and post-graduate schools of the Tokyo Institute of Technology, finishing her studies in 1994 and 1999 respectively.
In 1996 – 1997, she was a guest student at the E.T.H. Momoyo Kajima, M.Eng., works at the moment as an assistant professor at the Tsukuba University.

The refuge converted from a school gym is occasionally seen on the news in times of disaster. Victims look weary and sit on the floor, surrounded by a few household goods. Leaving home and having no privacy, the victims must have been very tired and anxious.

This colorful shelter might be able to give victims comfort and encourage positivity. It's easy to make, and the victims have enough space in a gym, with nothing special to do in the refuge. Making their own huge paper shelters must empower them from the inside.

This arch was invented by applying Miura folding method and can be a single sheet of paper when the creases are smoothed. It can be rolled and carried easily. Then it can also perform as an instant shelter for micro-public space in the city. (Artist's Statement)

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