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For Rent
200 x 145 cm
Oil on canvas

Arief Tousiga, Handy Hermansyah,
JD Avianto

Arief Tousiga was born in 1980. He has taken part in many exhibitions, such as: “Parijs van Java” (solo) at the French Cultural Center, Bandung (2001); “Beyond Panopticon” at the Bandung Electronic City (2004); “Interupsi” at the Griya Seni Popo Iskandar, Bandung (2003); and “Rhizome Project” at the British Council, Jakarta (2002).

Handy Hermansyah was born in 1978 and graduated from the Bandung Institute of Technology in 2001, majoring in sculpture. Some of his solo exhibitions are: “.aku suka tulisan.” (“.i like text.”) at the Cemeti Art House, Yogyakarta (2005); “Omatopoeic” at Rumah Proses, Bandung (2002); “Stacking” at Padi Art Space, Bandung (2000); and “Conditional Release” in Yogyakarta (1999).

JD Avianto (born 1976 in Cimahi) graduated from the Bandung Institute of Technology in 2001, majoring in sculpture. He has taken part in numerous exhibitions, such as: “S.A.M.O” (Social Activator Mobile Project) in Bandung and “Astakona” at the Benda Gallery, Yogyakarta (2001, both are solo exhibitions); “Beyond Panopticon” at the Bandung Electronic City (2004); and /'bæmbuw/ at the Selasar Sunaryo art space, Bandung (2003).

For Rent is an adaptation of signboards using the media of oil on canvas; just like other paintings record the images of human beings, the social political issues, or landscapes. The painting does not directly depict urban mentality. The signboard is just a part of the mentality; a signifier resulted from the trading activity of the urban society. The problematic dimension arising out of the signboards finds its root in the two sides of a coin: the business of art, and the business outside art. Generally, products of culture are difficult to be distinguished from commodity products. The market movements created out of a minute group of people will result in a monopoly of aesthetics. The aesthetic commodities are sold and bought up to the profitable level business-wise, but they are also moved so fast that the business becomes saturated. Meanwhile, the logic of renting is more advantageous; such as the case of a rented house near the education center, or a rented house with a fetishistic value—like when someone rents the house where Walter Spies once lived. (Artist's Statement)

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