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Juga Terganjal Pembebasan Lahan
(Also Hampered by Land Clearing)
350 x 520 cm
Ceramics (Stoneware)

Andy Noor Samsi

Andy Noor Samsi (born 1976 in Surabaya) was educated in art at the Wilwatikta Department of Fine Arts (STKW), Surabaya. He has participated in numerous group exhibitions, including the "Indonesia Young Ceramists Exhibitions" at the National Gallery, Jakarta (2004); the "Surabaya Art Festival" at Merah Putih Gallery, Surabaya (2004); "Indonesia Art Festival III", also at the Merah Putih Gallery, Surabaya (2003); the "Group Ceramists Exhibitions" at the Surabaya Gallery, Surabaya (2002); the "Visual Art Exhibitions" with the organization of art students at the city of Madiun (2001); the "Indonesia Art Festival II" at Padang Panjang, Sumatra (2001); the "East Java Art Exhibitions" at the Taman Budaya Surabaya (2000); and the exhibitions of the organization of art students at the town of Tulungagung (2000).

Traffic jams are becoming worse everyday in the cities. This mirrors the chaotic situation of the Indonesian republic. The nation's system of thought is stuck. The many problematic cases regarding land clearing prove this. The people often become victims of the government's “tyranny.” The inconsistent application of law and the negation of people's involvement add to the problem. The government become less and less concerned about human rights, as can be seen in the buying out of lands that often put people in a disadvantage. This proves that the paradigm of the New Order still rules, although the wind of reformation has been strongly blown. Reformation seems to be an empty slogan. The government always thinks instantly, while the people seem to become traumatic due to the government's despotism. People lose their trust in the government. This can be seen, for example, in how people use the road as they like, without any regard whatsoever to the rules, and even to other users of the road. People think only of themselves. That is a result of the education that the Indonesian government has long been giving us: the education of chaos.
(Artist's Statement)

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