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Perjalanan (Journey)
Dimensions vary
(architecture model, maquette, multimedia)

Andra Matin and Partners

Is)andra Matin, founder and principal of Andra Matin Architects, was born in Bandung, 1962. In 1986, he graduated from the Department of Architecture, Parahyangan Catholic University, Bandung. The projects for Andra Matin Architects come in various typologies, ranging from residences to galleries, retail shops, and other commercial functions. Personally led by Andra Matin himself, the team of architects for the CP Biennale 2005 project includes: Avianti Armand, Andi Pratama, Noerhadi, Sigit Kusumawijaya, Patisandhika Sidarta, Heddy Poernomo, and Astrid Susanti. Students from several universities also help along: Muttabati Arafatiani, Grita Anglila, Alexander Mario Rannu, Hardyanthony Wiratama, Anjasmoro Maroef, Indra, Paskalis Khrisno Ayodyantoro (in the Fly-over Team); Ronny Gani, Indhira Sagita, Jessica Patria, Marissa Aviana, Andi Indra Utama, Sony Sutandhi (in the Blok M Team); and several students from the University of Indonesia for the Modeling Team. The project is complemented by the artistic photography of Davy Linggar. Completing the team, Tintin Wulia designed the digital animation and handled all editing processes of the clips featured in the installation.

I have been longing for a chance to convey my ideas about the city of Jakarta and now the chance has finally arrived. There are two specific projects that have long been inside my mind, waiting for their chance to erupt. First, optimizing the spaces beneath bridges and fly-over(s). Second, systemizing the pedestrian network in the potential stretch from Blok M to Taman Puring.

For the first project, ever since roadways in Jakarta multiply in dimension, I believe we need to start thinking about new spaces emerging around it. The team focused on studying the spatial typology of spaces beneath the flyover and came out with creative and realistic solutions. Three sections of the flyover that circles around Jakarta have been chosen: Gedong Panjang, Pluit Interchange, and the DI Panjaitan-Yos Sudarso By-Pass. Each space has unique characters that clearly differentiate its core problems with one another. Together, the problems will envisage the diverse problems that surfaced along with the development of flyovers in a developing metropolis like Jakarta.

The ideas for the second project emerged from an interesting phenomenon about spatial experience that will be seen if we can further explore our walk from Blok M through Taman Puring. There is a vivid differentiation of economic levels and an abundance of spatial experiences between Blok M area and Mayestik if we seriously develop the analysis from the walk. There is an enormous potential of roadside street vendors. The secondhand electronic market, bird market, fruit market, flower market, fish market, food-stalls, and the two lush parks will form a coagulation whose presence, when unmasked from the roadside vendors lining up around them, will be felt more significantly by the people living around that area.

The final output of this project is in the form of design ideas that integrates every possible potential without altering the functions already present—i.e. by making the most and optimizing what is already there and adding certain functions deemed essential. ([Is]Andra Matin)

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