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The identification of arts and the international art forums

Saturday, September 27, 2003
9 a.m. - 5 p.m. - The National Gallery Seminar Room

The art seminar will discuss specifically the Indonesian arts by way of identifying the existing developments and their relations with the international art forums.

The Indonesian art, in its practice and growth, needs some theoretical views and flexible attitudes to understand the various discourses evolving today. The shifts of theoretical frames in philosophy, sciences, and aesthetics that have been going on for the last three decades have changed the practice of the international art. Theoretically, at least, they have also served as a trigger for the existence of various international art forums that wish to be more flexible and just. Such shifts invariably affect the Indonesian arts and pose therefore a question: How much do we realize and understand this?

The seminar will involve various views from different art analytical observers, and from several participating artists of the CP Open Biennale 2003. Some of the observers and artists are Soewarno Wisetromo, Asikin Hasan, Anusapati, Tatang B Sp, Agung Koechink and Tiarma DR Sirait. The presentations and discussions will be divided into several themes: Historical analysis and reading on arts, and the political practices of arts.


   Interrupting Interpellation (Suwarno)

   The Role of Identity in the Realization of Artworks (Anusapati)

   Totality in Art (Tatang B. Sp)

   International Biennale and its Problems (Asmudjo)

   The Artist, the Practice, and the Stage (Asikin Hasan)

   Political Practices (Agus Koechink)