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   A Biennale That Puts Indonesia on the Map
     (Jane Perlez | New York Times)

   Repetition Deafening Din, Excess, and Once Again,
     About the CP Open Biennale 2003
     Hujatnikajennong | Media Indonesia)

   Sophistication that Confuses (Wicaksono Adi | Media Indonesia)

   CP Open Biennale 2003 (Kompas)

   CP Open Biennale Demands A Place (Efix Mulyadi | KOMPAS)

   Djie Tjianan and the Art of "Revenge" (Efix Mulyadi | KOMPAS)

   Fang and Yue, Heroes for the Chinese New Art (Efix Mulyadi | KOMPAS)

   A Fight from Gambir (Seno Joko Suyono | TEMPO)

   Jim Supangkat's Last Harbor (Arif Firmansjah | TEMPO)

   CP Open Biennale: Bringing Jakarta to the World (Carla Bianpoen | DEWI)