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By Djie Tjianan
Chairman of the CP Foundation

The cp open biennale 2003 at the National Gallery of Indonesia in Jakarta is an effort towards a better understanding of what is called 'the international world'. During almost a century the term 'international world' has been the cause of too many misunderstandings and now it is time to turn the scales and work together towards understanding the realities in a sense which is truly international.

The cp open biennale 2003 may give the impression to believe in 'the international world is not the West'. Yet this must not be faced with a sense of suspicion, for the statement is only to seek a new interpretation of 'the international world', free from misunderstandings. The cp open biennale 2003 brings out the notion that the understanding of 'the international world' has yet to be made comprehensive by taking into account the non-Western parts of the world.

The cp foundation was established in Washington D.C. three years ago. Its objective is to actively participate in developing a new understanding of the 'international world'. The Foundation strongly believes in the fact that any understanding is conceived arbitrary through a process of negotiation and re-negotiation, no understanding can be absolute. The direction and the development of world art reflected in the ongoing art discourses, shows a process of re-negotiation that is very promising for the construction of a new understanding of the international world.

To find a mode of representation showing such re-negotiation process, cp foundation first opened cp artspace in Washington D.C. presenting the theme of contemporary Asian art. Despite its Asian theme, however, cp artspace's program is neither based on exclusivity, nor on seeking an Asian identity. The past exhibitions at cp artspace displayed works from Indonesian, American, Asian, and bi-cultural American artists, were meantto generate cultural interchange as a mode to build a new understanding of 'international world'.

The development of cp artspace in Jakarta and the facility for artists residency in Bandung are in progress. Both facilities aim to provide venues for Indonesian and International artists to boost self development, interact, and familiarize them with various new art discourses.

In addition to the international exhibitions through the events organized in cp artspace Washington DC, and continued efforts to have joint programs with international art institutions, museums, and corporations, the foundation strives its efforts to host local exhibitions that will attract International art community. This spirit is reflected in the cp open biennale 2003, showing the best mixed of Indonesian artists, and International participants from China, Germany, Italy, Japan, Singapore, The Philippines, The Netherlands, USA, Taiwan, providing a venue for discussions, and interactions among them. Although the International participants are limited in this biennale, the foundation hopes to increase the international involvements in the future.

In the attempt to reach its mission, the foundation understands the need to get support from all parties that share the same philosophy, to this end, most especially in hosting the cp open biennale 2003 the foundation enjoys the tremendous support from artists, curators, writers, collectors, business partners, international institutions, and all the volunteers that have made this event possible. On behalf of cp foundation, I would like to extend my gratitude, and appreciation.